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The Sustainable Energy Knowledge Hub

What is the CEREEAC?

The SEKH will contain and profile updated RE&EE market information/data on resources, geographic information system (GIS) maps, national policies, projects, and financial and procurement notices in the ECCAS region.  


The CEREEAC SEKH will address the existing knowledge and information barriers for RE and EE investments in the ECCAS region. The non-availability of reliable and updated energy information creates a major constraint for, among others, investors, project developers and decision-makers in the sector. The existing country data in most cases is not up to date or comparable with the data of neighbouring countries. Different systems and resource maps exist, using various models and data sources, which subsequently makes a fair comparrison difficult. Moreover, this often creates a challenge for investors and companies, who are trying to identify cooperation partners, due to the absence of specialised interactive platforms that facilitate exchanges of information and experiences. Information on good practices or successful (or even unsuccessful) projects are not readily available for decision makers and experts. Given this situation, significant opportunities are lost for sustainable energy development in the region.