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Our work

Programme Overall   

CEREEAC aims to play a pivotal role in transforming the energy landscape of Central Africa, driving progress towards a more sustainable, prosperous, and energy-secure future for the region and its inhabitants. Its overall objective encompasses both its foundational goals and the broader impact it aims to achieve within the region. These objectives consolidate the aspirations of CEREEAC into a comprehensive framework aimed at transforming the energy landscape of Central Africa, aligning with sustainable development goals, and fostering a cohesive regional approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption.  


Strategic Programmes 

  • Sustainable Energy Transition and Market Integration: Initiatives aimed at implementing the ECCAS Policy on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, developing an integrated market for renewable energy, and promoting cross-border cooperation. 

  • Universal Access to Modern Energy Services: Projects focused on expanding energy infrastructure, promoting rural electrification, and implementing innovative energy solutions to ensure broad economic and social development. 

  • Capacity Building and Stakeholder Empowerment: Education, training, and technical assistance programmes to strengthen the capacities of national institutions, industries, communities, and individuals. 

  • Innovation, Research, and Technology Development: Programmes that encourage the adoption of innovative technologies and best practices through collaborations and research initiatives. 

  • Advocacy, Awareness, and Regional Cooperation: Efforts to enhance advocacy and awareness of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and to strengthen regional cooperation and partnerships. 


Outcome Areas 

  • Sustainable Energy Future: Progress in facilitating the transition to sustainable energy, including market integration and cross-border cooperation. 

  • Universal Energy Access: Achievements in providing affordable, reliable, and modern energy services, especially in rural areas. 

  • Capacity and Empowerment: Improvements in the capacity of stakeholders and the empowerment of communities and individuals in the energy sector. 

  • Technological Innovation and Development: Adoption and development of new technologies and best practices in renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

  • Advocacy and Cooperation: Increased awareness and advocacy for renewable energy, and stronger regional and international cooperation. 

By focusing on these strategic programmes, and outcome areas, CEREEAC aims to drive significant progress towards a sustainable and energy-secure future for Central Africa.